fuck yeah, hard femme!

a celebration of fabulous femme folks who look just as tough as they do fly and a plethora of hard femme inspirations.

this is not a fashion/style blog; this is an identity blog with a large fashion/style component.

femme =/= female
please keep that in mind when reblogging - misgendering is rude as hell and easily avoided.


please include a link to yr tumblr (or other site) if you’d like it included, either in the body of the post or as the source. if you are submitting a photo that is not yours, you need you include a link to the source and/or proper credit. don’t submit the same picture multiple times, please. we won’t post straight up promos, but we definitely wanna see yr awesome work.
we do not post all submissions.
all submissions that do go through are queued. Please tag moving pictures as ‘epilepsy warning’ ‘gif’ or ‘moving gif’