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Pale Pastel Soft Grunge? Yes please x


We all love the whole pastel grunge thing (and if you say you don’t, you’re lying and can have a look at this in private later you perv). But figuring out where to sort yourself out with gorgeous pale pink soft punk threads isn’t easy, especially since the owners of such rare beauties guard their sources with their life. So if like me, you need a little help, have a look at ‘pastelbomb

Super sweet, and the mod is open to suggestions about what you want too, I asked for more fatties and my god she gave me more and is on the hunt for more beautiful things for us to adorn ourselves with x

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    Sweet merciful god(s), I’m so undeserving ; u ; Follow this lovely lady ( hauteproportions ) for amazing big-babe...
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    I did not know what this was or that I needed it in my life until I saw it.
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