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this is not a fashion/style blog; this is an identity blog with a large fashion/style component.

femme =/= female
please keep that in mind when reblogging - misgendering is rude as hell and easily avoided.

nightsofwineandroses asked: You said yesterday that if someone isn't attracted to a trans woman, then they are trans misogynists. You're being incredibly harsh. A person doesn't have to be attracted to anyone they aren't naturally attracted to, and not being attracted to a group of people does not make them misogynists in any way. It's how you naturally feel, it has nothing to do with hatred- and telling someone they're a misogynist when they're going off of how they feel is incredibly offensive.

being a transmisogynist doesn’t intrinsically involve hatred it is systematic. and If you say you are attracted to women but don’t like trans women specifically, that is transmisogyny. if you don’t find a particular trans woman attractive, no big deal. but like, if you assume that trans women as a whole look one way or only have one type of body, that is transmisogyny.