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TW: Black face, racism

Immediate action needed!

Shirley P Liquor, a black face drag queen, is coming to Portland, Oregon. 

The Eagle bar, a local gay bar, is bringing Chuck Knipp who is better known as Shirley P. Liquor. Chuck Knipp has openly deflected criticism and has gone as far as stating that he considers himself a facet in creating positive conversations around race and that is not denigrating black women but celebrating them.

Chuck Knipp is vile and his drag person is directly tied to a history of black face, minstrels shows, and a long American history of anti-black racism. 

Folks of color, queer folks of color, white queers, and white folks are all coming together to demand that Eagle bar no longer bring Chuck Knipp to Portland. Many people across the country have come together to protest this drag act.

Folks have called in but the owners are refusing to cancel this show and community anecdotes have shown that the owners are racist, transphobic, desire controversy, and operate out of white male privilege. 

This event is not an isolated instance and can not be de-contextualized from Portland politics and history. Recently there was this issue that prompted a long discussion around Portland racism but beyond that incident and this event there is a much larger context needed of Portland’s history of black politics and marginalization. It can not go unnoticed that both these incidents are taking place in a historically black neighborhood known as part of and near the “RedlIne district” that create exclusionary practices in regards to African Americans in Portland. These events are direct assault on people of color by white business gentrifying black neighborhoods. The irony is palatable.

Action is needed. Portland’s community of colors should not have to experience these daily aggression (both micro and macro) that clearly show no regard for folks of color in Portland. 

Please call The Eagle directly at (503) 283-9734 or email The Eagle at michaelstalley@yahoo.com and ask them to cancel this event.

You can also go to the fb event directly and comment and witness the atrocious comments made by white Portland folks in defense of this event or go the Eagles FB page and comment. 

Please spread far and wide and do not hesitate to call, comment, or email.

Portland folks of color, queers of color, need our solidarity and our action. 

Please signal boost.


Guap@s, let’s get this racist asshole fired!

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