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Someone tell me why Lilo isn’t considered a Disney princess ?


Is it because she’s a happy indigenous girl who’s not dating a white colonial man like the only other indigenous Disney princess Pocahontas did?

Is it because her sister Nani is happily dating an indigenous bloke who my sister wants to nominate to the king BAMF of Disney men ?

Is it because she speaks an indigenous language ?

Is it because she’s living with an alien couple and no parents but a lovely, hard working sister ?

Is it because she drives a space ship to school ?

Lilo for Disney Princess 5eva.

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    Or is it cause she’s prepubescent? And not a princess It’s fucked up Tiana and Pochahontas are.
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    Because the real princess ever was Stitch.
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    I would say it’s probably because she’s not a princess?? Though Mulan isn’t either and she gets included usually so idk.
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    I love Lilo. I adore Lilo. Lilo is my spirit animal until the end of time. But. Lilo is not a princess. She is not of...
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    ah, but Mulan is sometimes included in the princess lineup. even if she did end up marrying shang she wouldn’t be a...
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    or maybe it’s because she isn’t a member of a royal family/never marries a prince
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    Lilo’s one of my favorite Disney characters of all time; we have a lot in common in terms of attitude.