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a celebration of fabulous femme folks who look just as tough as they do fly and a plethora of hard femme inspirations.

this is not a fashion/style blog; this is an identity blog with a large fashion/style component.

femme =/= female
please keep that in mind when reblogging - misgendering is rude as hell and easily avoided.

Hey everybody! So this Is Neeah/Dizzzynoodles, one of your fuckyeahhardfemme admins

So I have been away from the blog for awhile and mainly left because the blog was posting a lot of awful problematic shit and I was really uncomfortable with it and tired of apologizing for the things everyone else did wrong.

So now I am back and I have also brought in some new mods, including more trans folk and indigenous folk (myself included). Hopefully we can help make this blog a more accountable, intersectional, transparent space  like it should be.


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