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this is not a fashion/style blog; this is an identity blog with a large fashion/style component.

femme =/= female
please keep that in mind when reblogging - misgendering is rude as hell and easily avoided.


It was recently brought to our attention that we had reblogged a picture of a tattooed white woman that claimed she was the first known female tattoo artist.

We were contacted and informed that there is a well documented history of Native American women tattooing and being tattooed that stretches back hundreds of years. Yet again, white imperialism and white history has completely erased the history of American women of colour, in this case specifically Native American women.

I reblogged the picture in ignorance, and as such I was complacent in the erasure of voices and experiences of WOC. When a white person is falsely presented as the first to do something that was already done by a person of colour, it means that what they are actually being presented as is being the first ‘relevant’ person to do something. This is an extremely effective way to belittle histories of indigenous people outside of white imperialist histories and to imply that an activity, invention or discovery is only noteworthy when done so by a white person. 

We’re extremely sorry and would like to thank the person who contacted us to let us know of our error and we hope through our collected efforts we can make fyhf a place where all femmes can feel respresented, respected and comfortable. 

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