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Nicki disses Gay community:


“nigga you softer than a homosexual”

Finding more and more reasons to show the gay community Nicki could really give two fucks about your community and uses it to get her more fame.


you’re kind of a moron

1. you’re white. dont be using the nigger word. 

2. nicky isin’t the only female pop star to diss the lgbt community, so if you aren’t going to mention lady gaga or katy perry, miss me with ur shite

3. critizicism of nicki’s slurs are fine. but using racism to back it up makes ur argument ridicolous

4. niki is part of the lgbt movement because she’s bisexual

5. bye

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    so. nope. not okay.
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    Why is nicki trying to sing. ?
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    I’m not here for self hate & ignorant ass black people who sit & pretend like the shit Nicki Minaj does is okay. She “in...
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    this is galling shit. spent a portion of last night watching this back and forth and seeing a bunch of white kids troll...
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    And again they owned your ass white girl. Shut the fuck up and stop using your dad experience. You are not him.
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    you really think that statement is defendable stop the fuckshit for real please
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    Also apparently tr*nny isn’t a slur according to this buffoon She just needs to sit down and not talk about anything...
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    People who diss Nicki but NEVER call out Gaga are not my comrades
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    I dislike her language here. Same time, she ain’t the only one. Also, as said before, Katy Perry won a damn award and...