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gettin real tired of searching things about morocco on google and stumbling upon blogs/websites run by westerners full of photographs like

(the caption to the picture above was “I wish they would look a little more pleased”)


do they not understand that it is creepy as hell and not to mention rude to visit a country and treat the residents like some sort of tourist attraction by gawping at them and taking photographs without permission?

also a large majority of pictures like this are of kids. Like, I remember when I was around 3 or 4 being in Morocco and going with a few of my cousins across the street to buy gum or something and these tourists taking photographs of us. This (understandably) freaked us out, and one of my older cousins who couldn’t have been older than 11 at the time picked me up and tried to get us away from them as fast as possible.


if it was the other way round people would be outraged, so why is it okay when it’s a “third world”/”exotic” country?

That’s what I’d like to know.

(Source: maghrabiyya, via thisisnotafrica)

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    This….(and by THIS I mean, look at how the 1st poster shed light on one of the many stupid ignorant habits westerners do...
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    First of all, I want to agree that I think it’s creepy to take pictures of people you don’t know if they don’t know,...
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    I’m not talking about laws at all. If somebody started taking photographs of you or your children without your consent...
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    I don’t know anything about Morocco’s laws, but at least in the US, it’s perfectly legal to take pictures of people...
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    ugh, i am half-moroccan and have spent a few summers there back in the day, but i remember tourists taking photos of my...
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