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Is anybody getting suspicious behaviour warnings? :/

  1. realsoon reblogged this from malditogrillo and added:
    I get suspicious behavior warnings IRL.
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    Same here. Which is good, I suppose.
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    Yes, but nothing after I reset my password (apparently others have still gotten them after)
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    I’ve gotten it 4 times… I only have 4 passwords I use and remember so if it happens again I’m screwed…
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    i just did. this doesnt have anything to do with missing e…does it?
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    (Not yet, though I am half expecting to. ::::/)
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    this just happened to me to. fuck.
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    I did too. It wouldn’t let me do anything until I changed it so I did, since everything looked pretty legit. Scurry tho.
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    yes :( i just had to reset my password a bunch of times
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    Yup, got one just a second ago while uploading a photo.
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    so am I. I got it twice I thought it was trying to stop me from getting hacked or something.
  14. spoopydwafs reblogged this from fuckyeahhardfemme and added:
    Yes! It took me a couple tries to get onto my blog.
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    Yup, made me reset.
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    yeah i got it like four times
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    YES I reset my password three times. I’m going to reset it again to be sure
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    I got one for logging out and logging in too many times. Because it was logging me out when I tried to click on...
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    holy shit i thought i was the only one
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