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all the white feminists who are outraged at Chris Brown



where’s this same hate for Charlie Sheen and the other white male celebs who beat up their female partners?

People still going on about that shit? I see supposed feminists still swooning over Fassbender yet getting pissy at Chris Brown.

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    Does being a brown feminist mean I’m allowed to find Michael Fassbender AND Chris Brown to be fucking scum who don’t...
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    ^^^^^^ the “why are you making it about race” train’s never late. intersectionality fail.
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    Did not know about Gary Oldman, jeez.
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    yes because if race has never affected you all your life, we should never bother talking about it. yay
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    I don’t think we should still be focussing on race here. These people are abusive. That is what we should be focussing...
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    There was one! Not a comprehensive one, obviously, but I know there was one that had a whole list with sources including...
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    white followers, pls don’t reblog to start shit. If you want to complain or contradict, message me, not the OP or...
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    Haha, charlie sheen can suck the chodes at the Turkish bath houses he frequents. That’s why he’s there anyways….just...
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    For what’s it’s worth, I would put Charlie Sheen in the same category as Chris Brown. He’s an unrepentant douchebag with...
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    So, I’m assuming the OP knew one white feminist who talked a lot about Chris Brown and ignored other misogynistic...
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    protip: S&M is a CONSENSUAL sexual practice between partners. Just because someone is into rough stuff in the bedroom...
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    Fassbender became instantly unattractive to me when I learned of his past/personality/run ins.