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Brand: Punyus
Official S/S 2014 Collection Catalogue 

Check out more pictures from the catalogue at the sourced link! Their online webshop will be up soon. They recently opened shop in Shibuya 109, so if you’re in the area be sure to check them out.

Official site link: http://punyus.jp/

So all about this shoot

This looks amazing

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Hey there folks! This is our last video update on our TWoC AMC International Network Gathering fundraiser and we are SO close to our goal, we just need to finish this last push to the finish line! We are 3 days away and $3,051 away from our goal!

The hugest reason why we’re pushing this so hard is to allocate funds to cover other trans women of color to get to the Network Gathering. That is a *HUGE* deal since a lot of conferences tend to be expensive and we recognize the importance of covering basic costs like traveling and housing. Please, any dollar and signal boost you can give would help IMMENSELY! 

Also check out our perks! You have plenty of options to choose from for donating to this revolutionary conference. <3

Fundraiser link: [https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/international-trans-women-of-color-network-gathering-at-amc2014/x/1603588]
Transcript: Found in the YouTube Description box, and here: [http://international-twoc-gathering.tumblr.com/private/82167780939/tumblr_n3qz6s809y1t93tsk]

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