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Yo so I know this is a long shot, but the situation here in Ireland has become really dire. Our consitiution currently has an ammendment (implemented over 30 years ago) that equates the lives of women with those of foetuses - in the eyes of Irish law a foetus has the EXACT SAME RIGHTS as a grown, living woman. This means that abortion is illegal in Ireland, unless the life of the woman is at risk (including from suicide).

While the Irish people voted for abortion to be allowed in these circumstances over 21 years ago, it was only implemented last summer when a woman named Savita Halappanavar died after being refused an abortion when she was miscarrying. She died from organ failure and septicemia. Last week it came out that raped, suicidal young woman was refused an abortion (legal under the new laws). She went on hunger strike, and a court order was gotten to ensure they could force feed her if necessary. Her foetus was represented by its own LAWYER. She was told she could have an abortion, and then it was dragged out until it was too late, and at 24 weeks she was coerced into having a caesarian as an alternative “termination”.

Women in Ireland want abortion. Despite what the pro-life community here would have you believe, Ireland is NOT abortion free and it is NOT a majority pro-life country. Please, please sign this petition demanding that the Irish government calls a referendum to repeal the 8th Ammendment. I and the other women in Ireland are more than walking wombs.