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Save the Hoop! - GoFundMe


Kenzie Lynn is passionate about two things: Hoop Dance and Horticulture. She dances professionally with the KC Circus Troupe, Cirque du Risqué, and is attending school at JCCC to learn the science behind her love of plants. Presently, both of her dreams are in jeopardy.

Due to a clerical error, the college has a withdrawn class recorded as a failure; this leaves her $300 in debt and ineligible for future financial aid. On top of this, her car has broken down for the last time. She has a bike, which she’s been using to get around, but she lives far enough away from her day job that she’s relying on the charity of friends and family just to make her way.
Kenzie is in a bind — although she has an upcoming performance with her circus, she cannot afford the college debt and other normal costs of living in the mean time, and is considering selling one of her coveted LED hoops just to get by.

If, however, she were able to raise some money, she would be able to keep her hoop, pay off her debt, contest the financial aid issue, and put a payment toward a new, more reliable car.

We’re asking friends, family, friends of friends, patrons of the arts, and all-around good people to help us out. Even dontaing a few bucks can make a huge difference, not only for Kenzie, but for the Circus community and the future of Horticulture! Chipping in a little will make you the effective equivalent of a Producer! Go around an tell your friends you helped to produce live performance art in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area!

To see more about Kenzie and her upcoming performances, including her upcoming performance in Madhouse at the City Stage in Union Station for the 2014 Kansas City Fringe Festival, check out the Facebook page for her circus: www.facebook.com/cirquedurisque

Most of all, Kenzie is not just an amazing flow artist, but she’s a good friend. So, we at Cirque du Risqué are trying to be a good friend back and organize this campaign. Will you help us? Save the Hoop!


Circling the Globe with Hula Hoop Champion @marawa the Amazing

For more photos and videos from her hula-hooping adventures around the world, follow @marawa on Instagram.

For Instagrammer Marawa Wamp (@marawa) better known as Marawa the Amazing, hula hooping isn’t just a backyard activity—it’s a way of life.

"I am a professional hula hooper," says Marawa, who lives a nomadic lifestyle traveling, performing and teaching hula hooping around the world. "I studied hoops at circus school—true story—but there wasn’t much of a hooping community back then. It was either hooping in the circus or hooping dancing at a festival, neither of which I really got into. I worked at finding the types of shows and events that I wanted to be a part of and now have established a style that is kind of its own thing."

Marawa’s hooping travels have led her onstage with major musicians, to fashion weeks in London and Paris and even into founding her own junior league, The Majorettes (@themajorettes), who teach classes of their own in London. Marawa also once famously spun 160 hoops simultaneously, breaking a world record.

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Got new paintings in my little store, yall should check it out. Everything is 10 dollars or less, expect for like.. 1 thing. I got doctor who stuff, harry potter, spoonie stuff, animals, just all sorts of things. please go look and maybe buy something, im super broke and desperate need of money and ITD HELP TONS. 




Yet another awesome spoonie I know from the ‘Pretty Sick’ facebook group (a group for chronically ill femme peeps, for us to celebrate our femme hotness in spite of being sick as fuck), she’s absolutely lovely and could really really use some love.

Please have a look at her store, and if nothing takes your fancy right now, reblog it in case any of your followers might be into it xx