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I went to a clothes swap today in aid of the Abortion Rights Campaign and I got loads of awesome stuff! I got:

1: A really cute cotton halterneck dress with a vibrant print. Goes down quite low at the back so you can see my back tattoos :3

2: A yellow tshirt with pandas on. It says “Stand out in the crowd. Be seen!” I picked it up because I thought it was a lovely shade of yellow.

3: A snug checkered hoody. Will wear this with my checked Vans and then I’ll look like a skater. 

4: A long sleeved black top. You can’t really see it, but it has lots of holes in and is quite grungy looking. 

5: A tshirt that says “Rock Star”… and has a cute rock and star on it!!!!

6: A snug grey jumper. I picked this one up for manface. But I may keep it. Muhahaha. 

7: A guna with a mushroom and floral print. The zip at the back is broken, but I can and will replace it. 

8: Black string top with the sides cut out and a floaty skirt. Which is too small for me, boo. I’ll have to put a panel into it. 

9: A green tshirt that says “Be my honey (the sweet bear)” . I picked it up cuz of the bear’s expression. So many nomzz. 

So yeah, I definitely got a good haul!

Soz about the bad quality pix, the light in my room is shite.



I wear this outfit far too often because I feel like this is what I was born to look like/wear and I can’t imagine being in anything else - the end.

(also I keep getting asked about the tube top arm band combo and it will be up on 000sportwear.us next week ;*)

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